Yay! The forms are off. The wall is revealed (and now is curing under cover). We’ve learned a lot about rammed earth building  – and love. Here’s the tear-down time lapse taken by Jonah. It features good friends Mitch, Alex and Daniel – with cameos by Maggie, Teyana and two visitors. Don’t blink!

I’m so grateful for these two wonderful souls. Maggie and Teyana. They’ve provided amazing meals to so many appreciative workers over the past two weeks. The building and the eating kept going three meals and two snacks every day. Oh, to have a time lapse of those offerings and the resultant joy! The largest group was 30 of us! Until the next flurry, thank-you.

Finally, just as the forms came down, we began building the cold storage – that’ll be buried as we back fill the hill. The living spaces are suddenly becoming easier to envision.Thank-you each and all who have contributed to the romancing of our new home. We’ll be taking it easy for a few days!

Next, reflecting on what we’ve learned building Rammed Earth. Then, framing the front of the house.