Annual flower descriptions

Annual Flower Descriptions

Note: We grow most annuals as 4 plants per 3 1/2 in. pots. These pots offer each plant 35 % more soil than is common in conventional greenhouses. Please note also that Castor Beans are planted as singles.

This list includes some varieties we may not be growing this year, so please consult the 2016 Plant Catalogue before you order.


New Carpet of Snow
Sun/Part Shade White. Borders and planters. Space 15 cm. Likes moist
soil. Fragrant
– Love Lies Bleeding
Sun Wine-red hanging ropes. Background or feature. Space 45
cm. Height 90 cm.
Ice Plant
Part Shade Sprawls or hangs well to 60 cm. with bright pink
flowers. Succulent. All Summer.
Bachelor’s Button Sun Blue, Pink, White Mix. Background or Mixed Garden.
Space15 cm. 40 cm tall. Great for cutting and drying.   Blue
Boy (blue only) also available.
Amaranthus – Velvet Curtains Sun 60 cm plants with upright plumes – all burgundy. Bushy. Striking. Good Cut Flwrs
Castor Bean Sun Deep green tropical foliage. Feature plant or for
background. Space 60 cm. 120 cm tall. Fast growing. Discourages moles
in the garden.
Scented Stock
Sun Background
plant noted for its exquisite evening aroma. Place near the
Gazania  Sunshine Mix Sun 2″ daisy-like gold/rust/yellow/white mix of blooms on 25 cm plants. Enjoys dry.
Grass – Bunny Tail Sun Fluffy seed heads on 25 cm stalks. Containers or garden. Drought tolerant. Dries.
– Safari Mix
Sun 30 cm
tall. Extended season with large semi open organge, yellow and rust
Marig.- Yellow Gem Sun 30 cm
tall. Ferny foliage. Masses of small, single yellow blooms.
– Orange Gem
Sun 30 cm
tall. Ferny foliage. Masses of small, single orange blooms.
Pansy – Large Mix Sun/Pt Shade 15 cm.  Happy face in wide colour range.
Flowers profusely. Edible flowers.
Poppy – Mary’s Ukrainian Sun Red to Purple single blooms with darker centres. Blue-green leaves. Self seeds.
Poppy – California Sun Orange and yellow blooms. 20 cm tall, sprawling plants.
Self seed. Cheery/Hardy.
– Lady Bird
Sun 30 cm
tall plants. Flanders Field  type with red blooms and black
– Double Mix
Sun Love
hot, sunny locations. Low growing with white, yellow, orange, pink and
– Toto Mix
Sun Petite
gold, lemon, rust blooms on 30 cm stems. Heat tolerant. Cutting. Fall.
Snapdragon – Black Sun Very dark Red flowers on purple tinged leaves all summer and fall. 70 cm.
Zinnia – Red Spider Sun Many 1″ Red spider-like blooms on 60 cm bushy plants. Old, very rare flower.
– Whirlygig
Sun 50 cm
tall. Double, bi-colour, expressive blooms in many colour combinations.