What to bring

 What to Bring


Straw Bale Guesthouse

Bring food and specialized drinks. There are a few things like salt, pepper and sugar in the kitchen but no food to speak of. You’re welcome to use herbs and veggies in season from the garden and greenhouse – but please speak to us first to ensure they do not already have a dedicated purpose.
Bring bottled water if you prefer. There is pressurized well water (which we as a family do not use for drinking due to its mineral taste but is otherwise safe) and we provide fine mesh filtered rain water – which we as a family use for drinking.
Bring personal toiletries. There is hand soap and dish soap. Toilet paper is provided.
Bring briquettes if you want to use the moveable bbq. There is a fire pit with wood and grill.

Bring bedding (including pillow covering) and towels if you choose the 10% reduced rate option.

Pond House

It’s easier to begin by saying what’s available. Imagine yourself camping with four walls and beds provided. There’s an outhouse with toilet paper. There is a wood stove and fire pit with firewood. There’s a small solar system that runs a battery for a light and modest sound system. (You need to bring the sound system.) There are a few candles. It’s a good idea to bring candles and a flashlight. There is a two burner propane stove. But please speak to us about it in advance to ensure it has propane. There are no pots or cooking utensils. There are some basic bed coverings and pillows but no laundered sheets or pillow cases. Bring bottled water if you prefer not to use either the well water or fine mesh filtered rain water available. Just ask for water or if you find yourself in need of something essential.

Don’t forget your boots!

We advise bringing hiking or rubber boots if you plan to walk the trails in Spring, Summer or Fall. The beaver have built up ponds in two locations, flooding our main trail. You can get around but we can’t ensure you’ll get around with dry feet. It depends on how nimble you are and how much it’s rained.



We no longer offer camping options.  Please let us know if you plan to set up a tent in addition to your Pond House or Straw bale Guesthouse rental.