Local attractions

Local Attractions

Town of Boissevain


Boissevain has a well stocked Co-op grocery store, restaurants, gas stations (find Gord’s on the main east-west drag) and a good variety of general-needs stores on its traditional prairie Main Street. There are three excellent museums (pre-Euro-Settlement, Pioneer, Wildlife), an Arts Park (flowers/shrubs), swimming pool, bowling alley, Kinsmen Play Park, and a 9 hole golf course just south of town. There’s an historic-building walking trail and several large history-theme murals painted on buildings along the main streets – and loads of friendly folks if you have a question of two. We recommend the Sawmill for a mid day meal or for an excellent cup of tea or coffee. At the other end of the street you’ll find The Station offering a unique household-goods shopping experience. If you’re around on a Friday from beginning of July to end of September, consider going to the Farmers’ Market over lunch. They serve a hot meal in a centre-of-town park. We’re usually vending herbs and vegetables at the market.


Turtle Mountain Provincial Park


Turtle Mountain Provincial Park is a backwoods dream come true. The excellent swimming beaches, driving, hiking, skiing and biking trails are blessed with beauty and peacefulness – and – it’s only a couple miles away from us. We highly recommend you visit Lake William and hike to the Turtle’s Back. The ranger tower on top gives you a grand view across the prairie. In winter Lake Adam has the best ski trails along with cleared skating areas and a toboggan hill.


International Peace Garden


The International Peace Garden is well known for its impressive display of summer flower and shrub gardens – smack dab on the Manitoba – North Dakota border, in the Turtle Mountains and very near the geographic centre of Turtle Island/North America. It was created to commemorate the undefended border between Canada and the US of A and so it hosts a Peace Chapel and Tower and has one of the world’s largest cactus collections inside an impressive new Conservatory. There’s a concession in summer and a year-round lunch room.


Souris River Bend


The Souris River Bend is an ecological paradise hidden away from human busyness – in the middle of farm country. Beautifully protected and restored, this hiking and canoeing gem is home to an impressive array of bird and mammal life.


Whitewater Lake/Marsh


Whitewater Lake/Marsh is a very busy bird sanctuary – particularly in Spring and Fall as the goose, duck and shorebird migrations move through. There’s a board walk out into the marsh along with interpretive signage.


Stories and GeoCache Sites from South West Manitoba


This website, the stories and the geocache sites have been researched and popularized by our daughter Teyana through 5 years of part time employment under the Turtle Mountain – Souris Plains Heritage Association – a cooperative effort between 9 Municipal Governments, 2 Metis Organisations and 1 Dakota community. Three books of stories have been published from this research – all available for purchase at our guesthouse (and McNally Robinson).


Places of interest just across the USA border


We so seldom venture beyond the familiar Peace Garden although we’re becoming increasingly intrigued with the possibilities.