Here are some recent comments left behind in the guestbooks.

Winter. Pond House. “Hey guys. Thank you so much for sharing your nature space. We always have a relaxing stay here. Obi is a treasure! Thank-you. Much love. ” J&L

Winter. Straw House.

“Another great weekend of hikes and board games and good food. We love squishing into the guesthouse even as the kids get bigger (and multiply). Our 4th year coming this weekend with this gang. See you again next year.” L&B and gang.

Fall. Pond House

“Such a beautiful landscape, amazing views and comfortable cabin. I couldn’t have had a better birthday gift than this experience. Thank you for opening your hearts and home.” M&E

Fall. Straw House.

“Thanks so much. Highlights: Stunning starry nights. Hiking and exploring the orange and blue marked trails. The quiet! Frogs everywhere. ‘Good Mornings’ from the horses. Dogs and cat. Visiting the garden and Greenhouse. Kids laughing on the tree house, zipline and trampoline! Chatting with our wonderful hosts. We hope to return soon.” M, F and all.

Summer. Pond House.

“Second time out! Thank you for suggesting great day hikes. Found so many lobster mushrooms to add to our dinner. It’s the perfect place to remember what’s important in life. Sun gently pouring into the windows in the morning. Frogs and fish jumping in the evening. And being surrounded by flora on all sides. We can’t wait to come back!” A&T

Summer. Straw House.

“So glad we decided to come on this last minute trip and that it was available! The kids enjoyed exploring and especially the animals. Thanks David for the tour and chat about the property and sustainable housing. We’ll be back.” D, J and all.

Spring. Pond House.

“Thank you for providing space, energy and wisdom to the ecological farmers of the future. We’re so lucky to have been planted in the soil that you prepared as you pioneered into this way of living on the earth. Much love.” DP et all. 

Spring. Straw House.

Wonderful early spring get-away from the city. Quiet, beautiful landscape. Amazing hosts. Thank you David and Maggie, Jupiter and Obi and the horses. I came seeking rest, peace, and left restored.” Love B&B 

More below from the archives.

I got caught up in the magical spell that exists here. Time seemed to stand still. I slept, read, walked, ate, sang, drummed, got dirty bare feet, met a lot of nice people, laughed till I cried and much more. Linda from Winnipeg.

We were all charmed by the guesthouse and the beautiful surroundings. There’s so much wonderful space to play an assortment of outdoor games – like Bocce ball, badminton and Frisbee. And today we spotted a hummingbird. Thanks again. It was a lot of fun and wonderful for us all. Sandy

For the first tme we were here during snow season – a time to especially enjoy the “stored sunshine” in the wood stove. Thank-you for making this place, for the visits and for all that you are and do. Anita

I love the way you are all defying ‘reality’, the reality that says we can’t do stuff that takes too much time for little financial return. You’ve got some home-grown miracles going on in terms of the way you are family, your relationships to the land, your willingness to be different, your warm welcome of pretty much everyone and their dog and your zeal for life. WOW!!! Vivian from Winnipeg.

It’s all been really inspiring and we’ve done a lot of dreaming about our future home and community around us. And we are optimistic about small farming. We really hope your travels will take you to Northern Europe some day. Kairi and Reevo from Estonia.

I arrived feeling completely out of myself and spinning somewhere. I’m leaving feeling grounded and back in control. Thank-you so much for your support and welcoming way of being. Sharon from ‘Winnipeg.

Your heart and conscience to walking lightly and living simply shine through so strong. It’s always great to know that people like you are around. James from Winnipeg

By exploring the land, being included in family rituals and being exposed to your culture, I feel further ahead in my journey. Being able to work alongside someone who I greatly respect has been humbling. I find both your craft and ethic inspiring. You’re an excellent teacher – patient and knowing. I thank you. Sumiko from PEI.

It’s been awesome here. I don’t think I’ve ever had this much amazing food made for me over the coarse of a week! Joel (Grade 11 Eco-Odyssy work experience) from Brandon.

This has all the ingredients of a fairy tale! I only wish we could have spent longer here, to truly absorb the beautiful surroundings and appreciate nature at her best.  We look forward to returning. Murray from Winnipeg.

Your gentleness and openness offer a lovely kind of welcome. Pat from Eugene, Oregon.

Thank-you so very much for sharing your country living, joy, hospitality! The atmosphere was one I will carry for a long time. The horses, dogs, cats and people made this feel so authentic – like I really was a country girl! I’ll be back. Kristi from Winnipeg.

Living with horses has been a dream for so long. This month was the beginning of it becoming reality for me and I will never forget all this time I’ve spent with Solstice and Tecumseh. Or with you. I had fun learning to chop wood and baking bread –

This is a great discovery! You are a wonderful family and will stay in my heart. Tecumseh, Solstice, Chance, Tibi, Bapala and Ork – you must have good karmas to have found this family to live with. A haven for gentle animals. Chance, I will miss your company. You’re a Great dog and companion. Genevieve from Trois-Rivieres, Quebec.

What fun to be a visitor in my own back yard. It’s funny how we make such efforts to explore the world around us before getting to know the jewels in our midst.  It’s inspiring to see people doing what they want. Ian from Hartney.

It fed my spirit, soul, mind and body just to be in this remarkable place. And greeting four deer at the window in the morning was an extra joy. Blessings to you and this place. Lisa from Winnipeg.

When I was a girl we moved quite a lot so home became the family cottage in Wisconsin. That cottage is long gone so it’s nice to know that places like it still exist – simple, quiet, sweep when you go. Thank-you for a bit of home. Sarah from Minnesota.