Yeah, I guess we’re each the centre of the universe, but this week has been pivotal in our building universe. Svenn, a friend from Clearwater/Harvest Moon world, pictured below, was pondering how to get the four oak posts to stand in the middle of the house, fully braced and ready for the 600 lb wheel we planned to install. He woke one morning thinking, “box, think outside the box” and had the revelation that we should build a sturdy box and attach the oak posts to the outside of it.

Like this.

And here are a few of the folks who helped put the wheel in place. (Thanks to Jonah for the photos.)

Now we can put away the graph paper and all the “well it looks like they’ll fit” comments and simply measure from post to wheel to get the accurate numbers. It looks like the rafters will fit just fine.

Thank-you Cal, Ezra, Jonah, Svenn, Simon, Ross, Henry for modifying and raising the wheel, to Maggie for the feast and to Tina, Michelle, Kholi, Andres and Bronte for helping us celebrate the job well done.

Next? We’re bracing every framed bit to the centre, notching the 16 main rafters and gathering some brawn to place them. Check your calendar for Tuesday Sept. 19. We’re looking to getting a crane and will need a few hands on deck to guide and secure the rafters – and – to cook a mean stew for the crew. Text – (204) 305-0528. Or email Blessings.