The foundation went in last fall. We’ve been making plans all winter. From now till late fall we’ll be building the outer shell of our rammed earth – solar powered home.

The building project is attracting folks who want to help. You’re welcome to join in.

Below is a proposed rundown of tasks and timing. There’s guaranteed to be learning, good work and fun. You can consider this for yourself, your family or group of friends and to send it on to folks interested in sustainable building.

We love your free spirit. If you want to keep it spontaneous (when you’ll come and for how long), simply join our notice list by replying (soon is good) to this message with your preferred contact info – text, email, fb, phone. We’ll send out updates now and again.

We admire your dependability. If you can offer sustained help (muscular, organizational, cooking) for a day a week, or for a few days or weeks in a row, please let us know.

We’ll have food, campfire and accommodations available.

If you want to come as a long term ‘wwoofer’/intern we can make arrangements.

If you’re new to this conversation, take a look at:


Timing. This is our plan for the 2017 building season:

April                Build a tool shed, collect tools and prepare the site.

May                 Install solar panels and components. Plant garden.

June                 Prepare the soil mix. Build the RE wall frames.

July                  Ram the earthen walls.

August             Build the cold storage, insulate and back-fill.

September      Build south walls/window spaces. Raise the roof.

October           Close the space for winter.

We’re arranging for craftsmen with specific skills to be on site at crucial times, but for the most part we trust we can get the jobs done by merging the skills and energies that arrive. Thanks for being part of our community. We’re looking forward to the building season

David and Maggie, our family and Jupiter

Message us, or email or text  David, at 204.305.0528, or call us 204.534.2303