The job of erecting the rafters was meant to happen with a larger crew today (Tuesday) –  but the forecast was for rain so we started putting up rafters yesterday, thinking we’d get a head start. This is what came of our efforts.

The rafters had to move from our main yard where Maggie had sanded and oiled. We carted them to the new site with our trusty farm truck Bucko. Here friends from Wishart SK, Jeff and his daughter Ruby, are holding the load down.

We then hoisted them by hand onto the scaffold we had made (like a temporary second floor) and simply lifted them into place. We thought we’d need a crane of some sort to do this, but the bracing we built horizontally from the centre structure made hand bombing a possibility. Here Ezra and Cal are lifting – and me, I think I’m cheering.

The rafters needed to be fine tuned once up. Here Jeff and Ruby are chiseling to make sure the tops sit nicely down on the wheel. Below, I’m using a massive circular saw (borrowed from Sheldon) to shape the longest beam – that’s actually two beams meeting over a horizontal, support ‘Dragon’ beam.

Maggie arrived after work in time to oil the tops of the rafters.

By supper time the rafters were up and the wall was tucked under plastic awaiting the rain that fell today. We had good reason to celebrate – with some home made beer from Saskatchewan no less.

By night-fall Jonah was back out there looking at the stars through the tops of the 16 rafters. Thanks to Jonah for all of these photos and to all who, by working and by wanting to help, made this a great day.

Next? We’re getting ready for the structural, insulated roof panels (SIPs) that are meant to arrive early October. You’re welcome to join in as Svenn, Jonah, Teyana and I’ll be out most days. Thanks for going along with the fun.