Perennial flower descriptions

Perennial Flower Descriptions

This list includes some varieties we may not be growing this year, so please consult the 2016 Plant Catalogue before you order.


Anise Hyssop, Blue or White Sun 30 – 40 cm plants with
lavender or white spikes. Anise tasting tea.
Black-Eyed Susan Sun Native, yellow with deep brown/purple centres. Self seeds.
– Purple
Sun 60 –
90 cm. Drooping lavender petals. Late summer / fall
Coreopsis – Tick Seed Sun/Part Shade Bright yellow fully double blooms. Early summer to
frost. 30 cm tall
– Geranium
Sun/Part Shade Bloom best in sun, in June and less through summer. Blue
flowers. 30 cm.
Daisy – Polaris Sun Shasta type. 60 cm tall. White flowers. Excellent for
Daisy – Painted – Mix Sun 60 cm. Pink – Red. June – Sept. Borders or Cutting.
Large blooms.
Dianthus – Amur Pink Sun 30 cm tall dense mounds w.
lg. red-violet blooms from July to frost.
Gaillardia – Blanket Flower Sun Native. Large yellow daisy type with orange and red.
Showy. 45 cm. Dry
– Little Blue Stem
Sun 90 cm.
Attractive bronz-red fall foliage. Great for drying. Native to MB.
– Blue Fescue
Sun 30 cm.
Dense mounded clumps of blue grey foliage.
– Red/Pink, Black
Sun 120
cm. Large red/pink or black open trumpet blooms on strong stems.
Joe Pye Weed (Boneset) Sun Tall, native medicinal, with purple clusters in late summer. Butterflies enjoy.
Lungwort – Pulmonaria Shade 20 cm. Mottled
blue/white/black blooms. Naturalize well under trees.
Meadowsweet Sun 120 cm. bushy flower/herb
with almond scented whispy blooms.
Poppy – Oriental – Mix Sun Pink or
Orange large
blooms on 60 cm stalks. Late spring to early summer.
Poppy – Spanish Sun 60 cm. Semi-double orange blooms. All Summer. Self seeds.
Wood Violet Shade 20 cm. Pansy-like blooms
with heart-shaped leaves. Naturalize well.
Yarrow – The Pearl Sun 30 cm. Small ‘rabbit tail’
white blooms w.semi-open habit plants.