We got going this week framing up the double south wall. The idea is to minimize thermal bridging  -heat moving through the wall. The studs on most houses touch both the outside and inside sidings – allowing hot and cold to travel through. Here Maggie is trying to figure out if the windows we ordered will give us a good enough view of the pond. We’d appreciate you weighing in on that debate.

You may remember that we cut timbers from this land, got them milled by a neighbour, had them planed in town and started the work of notching them so they fit together as the load bearing structure of our roof (and to look pretty). Maggie’s been keen to get them oiled and polished up before she heads back to the classroom. Here’s one of the oak posts that will join three other hard wood posts to hold up the centre of our home.

Here are all four of the centre posts. Your sharp eye may notice that one of the four is an ash.

This gives you an appreciation for the enormity of her task. (Yes, we left a bit of the forest standing.) Fortunately my sisters and brothers in law are coming out this week to help out.


As we shuffle these tree trunks around, it dawns on us that we’ll at some point need help maneuvering them to the vertical. Yikes. We’re not close enough to peg a timber frame erection party date, but we’ll let you know when.