Great progress! This is what 8.1 Kilowatts of potential power looks like – enough to run a modest family home. And below are some of our neighbours helping to set it up. We’re now waiting for the batteries, inverters, etc. later this month. These components will be set up in the shed behind the panels and eventually be moved into the house. In the mean time, we’ll use the power generated to help with the build this summer.




Thank-you Herman, Henry, Casey and Marc.

Just so you know, Manitoba Hydro has said they are not going to extend the grid-tie subsidy on solar installations beyond next April. It’s a great deal and getting better as rates are to go up dramatically over the next five years. If you’re in a position to invest in a solar system, this is the time to move on it!

We called on Ross, Nate and Piper of Wilkinson Trucking to sieve the mountain of soil – 80 yards of it to be more or less precise. This is the stuff of our rammed earth walls. It appears to be about the right ratio of sand and clay and has adequate moisture. So it’s tarped and waiting for more testing. The ‘balls’ of clay that you see at the bottom of the pile add a speckled look to the finished wall. Our tests will determine if we can do use them to create a predictable look.

Then last week we did more work on our window and door order. We’re ordering through Polar Window. They’re made in Winnipeg and have a strong reputation on dependability and have a killer warranty – and – they install, so I don’t have to worry about being clumsy. Windows are pricey, so we need to make sure we don’t get too fancy with our plan. Here’s Maggie getting help with the final draft. Hard to find helpers like this. Easier to ask our children to supply them.