One image, or rather video, sums up this blog. Jonah did the stop action photography/editing.


Did you catch the on-lookers in the easy chairs to the left, or the pastor asking for blessings at the end? It was a good day.

We achieved two major aims this past week. The beams and rafters are cut – and the foundation is poured. Yay!

Thanks to Henry, Tina and Brad getting the wood cut and to Ezra, Jonah, Maggie, John, Wes and Brad for a busy few hours as the Wilkinson trucks came trundling up the lane laden with concrete.

May I reflect just briefly on the creative process – yes, even with concrete. Works of art can happen in many ways. The way I am most comfortable is by having some essential ideas and resources in place and then launching into the work, allowing the circumstances and personalities that come along to influence its shape. Maggie would often like a few more details to be in place. When I start a sentence with “I’m sure . . .” Maggie looks at me sideways. Am I sure? Not always. I mean I have confidence things will work out – that there is enough love from the surrounding community (our relations of all forms) to carry us to a beautiful place. So far so good. Maggie’s giving primary leadership to the interior design. The process may shift a bit then.

Thank-you for being part of our community.

Parents of school aged children, Maggie is excited to be one of the many teachers preparing right now. Get the kids outside to learn – is one of her mottos. One of her superiors said last year, “You know Maggie, it sometimes good for students to learn in the classroom too.” Minto school. That’s where she’s full time this year.