In the nick of time it seems.

About a week ago Robert and Minnie pitched up – wanting to help for a day putting on the house wrap.

On Saturday, just past, more friends appeared. Also, sister Vicki and friends John and Barb came by with edible delectables to serve folks as we worked to close out winter. Here Dave and Svenn are enjoying a warm cuppa as the light fades on a good day of roofing.

Ez, along with Dave, braved the heights and the breeze to cap the cupola.

Jonah did some precision work on the many edges that needed to comply with the 16 sided roof.

Mick and Svenn finished off the eves – just in front of the roofers.

Teyana and Michelle went ahead and then behind making sure the slats were in place and everything was buttoned down well.

As usual, night time arrived, but for the first time in several months, we welcomed the snow that came along the next day.

Thanks be, also to the great spirit guiding the weather. We’ve been well looked after by friends, earth and sky. We’re living in a bubble of generosity. I commented to a friend the other day, how overwhelmed we are. He turned to say  – “Don’t worry. You guys have paid this forward. Now it’s coming back.” So it’s a circular thing – or perhaps it’s a spiral – picking up new energy every time around! Whichever –  we feel blessed.

We may take a day or two off now though. Then it’s clean-up, and prep for the windows and doors arriving Nov. 7 and 8. Love, love.