That was a big week for us and our future home. Here are a few photos of the form work going up (in which the earth will be rammed) and a short (and mercifully silent) video of us getting the timbers planed at the local rafter making facility – Western Archrib.

Thank-you Jonah and Bob.

Thank-you Dave, Jake and Herm.

Thank-you Cal and Teyana.

And Bronte. The spot to park your bike will take a bit longer.

In the evenings, the heavy lifting began. These are not-quite-cured poplar posts and rafters.

Thank-you Wes and Tim – and again Cal, Bob, Jonah and Dave. Finally, the video. We’re aiming to start ramming on 17 July. We could still use a few more willing souls to put in a day or two as we convert subsoil into a rock-like wall.  Blessings on your summer.