Vegetable descriptions

Vegetable Descriptions

Pepper – California Wonder Bell, Mid Season, Open pollinated, Green to Red, Thick Walled, Mild, 10 cm x 10 cm
– Purple Beauty Bell, Mid Season, Greenish Purple, to Purple, Sweet, Thick Walled, Open pollinated
– Sweet Banana Sweet, 6 ” Tapered, Yellow to Red, Open Pollinated, Firm and Productive
– King of the North Sweet, large, thick fleshed bell, mild flavour. Green to Red. 70 day.
– Jalapeno Hot, Open pollinated. Cylindrical, tapered 7 cm long green to red, thick walled
– Black Hungarian Hot, short-tapered, purple-black fruit. Hardy producer. Beautiful and tasty.
– Cayenne Very Hot, Open pollinated. long, slim pencil pod, dark green to red. abundant
Tomatillo Husked 2 cm fruits used in making salsa. Sprawling bushy plants. Origin – Mexico.
Tomato – Fargo Yellow Pear Many small yellow bell shaped sweet and mild fruits. Great for salads and fresh. Bush.
– Sweetie Cherry. Red. Open pollinated. Early. Staking. Clusters of sweet fruit high in Vit.
– Tiny Tim Cherry. Red. Open pollinated. Very early. Dwarf Bush. Good yield. Good in containers.
– Black Cherry Dark purple 1″ to 1 1/2″ fruit. Very sweet, smokey flavour. 70 day. Staking.
– Amish Paste Paste. Late. Open Pollinated. Staking. 10 oz. Red. Meaty with few seeds. Productive
– Roma Paste. Mid Season.Open Pollinated. Red. Bush. 2 oz. Meaty, plum shape
– Bison Slicing. 70 day. Bush. Productive even in dry summers. All fruit ripens at once.
– Bush Beefsteak Slicing. Early. Bush. Red. 8 oz. Old standard. good yield. Meaty. Open pollinated
– Early Girl Slicing. Early. Staking. 6 oz. Red. Juicy. Tangy. Long season. Hybrid
– First Lady Slicing. Early. Staking. 6 oz. Red. Meaty. Great taste. Productive. Hybrid
– Manitoba Slicing. Early. Staking. 6 oz. Red. Local favourite. Good taste/yield. Open Pollinated
Prairie Pride Slicing. 60 day. Sprawl. 7 oz. Red.  Sweet,  mild flavour.  Known as being low acid.
– Lemon Boy Slicing. Early. Staking. 6 oz.  Yellow. Good tasting. Beautiful in salads. Open pollinated.
– Brandywine Large slicer. Late. Staking. 15 oz. Red. Tangy. Excellent flavour. Open Pollinated
Oxheart Large slicer. Mid season. Staking. 30 oz. Red-Pink. Heart shaped. Sweet. OP
– Cherokee Purple Large slicer. 80 day. 12 – 16 oz. Purple-pink. Staking. Very sweet. Personal favourite.
– Sylvan Guame Large slicer – 2 1/2 lb. 80 day. Staking. Red. Delicious and productive.
– Carol Chyko Large slicer – 2 1/2 lb. 80 day. Staking. Red. Meaty. Great in sandwiches or canned.
Squash – Buttercup Dark green with bump on the bottom. Thick walled, dry and sweet. Open pollinated
– Butternut Tan, cylindrical, small seed cavity. Sweet. Open pollinated.
– Baby Hubbard Nutty – Sweet taste, light blue skin, gold flesh. 85 day. 5 lb. Stores well.
– Pumpkin, Sugar Small Round, bright orange. 2 kg.  Hulled seeds good roasted. Great taste. Open pollinated.
– Rouge d’ Etampe Large Ribbed, flattened, red-orange ‘Cinderella pumpkin’. Great taste. Great keeper. OP
Spaghetti Early. Flesh is yellow and sweet. Open pollinated.
– Zucchini Early. Dark green. Bush. Good yield. Open pollinated.
Cuke – Straight Eight Long, green slicer. Very good eating. Open pollinated.
– Amira Slicer. No need to peel. Sweet when picked 4 – 6 inches. Productive.
– Northern Pickling Pickling. Early. Good yield. Long, slim dilling
cuke. Open
– Sumter Pickling. Dark Green, Early, Good Quality. Productive.
Brassicas Broccoli, Cabbage (Regular and Red), Cauliflower – available in 4’s early in the season.