A while back I reported on the house being closed in for winter. That was premature. We assumed the doors and windows would arrive as planned. There were some bumps in the road, let’s say, but we’re happy to say the installation was completed a couple days ago.

The house wrap is on so now the space can warm up with the power of the sun – offering a comfortable space to work – at least on sunny days. Here the Polar Window installers are putting in the cupola windows. Every window (doors included) is triple pane. Dave, the salesman, impressed us with a gizmo he used to show how little heat escapes from a triple pane compared to a double pane.

We’re impressed with the precision these guys employ to make sure each opening works smoothly. Welcome through our front door! And, yes, the doors will be painted.

Which brings me to the fun part of my week. See that speck of light at the bottom of this hole. That’s 16 feet down. Water! I’ve been digging a well inside of our house. You might remember an update in spring (I think) in which I was explaining how a neighbour dowsed for water – and found a good stream 30′ down (from the top of the hill behind the house) that goes right below our home. We didn’t have an opportunity to bring in a well drilling rig – but, I figured there’s enough head room in the house to give digging, now in winter, a try. We didn’t want to give up this opportunity to have at least a hand pump inside the house. Our original, and ongoing, plan is to collect and store enough rain water, but there’s always that nagging question – What if we get a multi year drought. We don’t know yet how much flow there is in the well. I’m going to keep digging with the post hole auger (plus extensions) until the water won’t allow the sand/clay down there to stick to the auger. For now, we’re happy.

If, by some chance, you know of an available pitcher pump – like every farm house had when I was a kid – please let us know so we can make a deal.

Blessings over the next few weeks.